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PO4AMAN-DISPLAY-PO(1)			    Po4a Tools			    PO4AMAN-DISPLAY-PO(1)

       po4aman-display-po - display a translated man page according to a PO

       po4aman-display-po -p PO_FILE [-m MASTER_FILE] [-o PO4A_OPT]

       po4aman-display-po can be used by a translator who wants to check how the man page being
       translated in a PO will be displayed.

       The manual page must be in one of the formats supported by the po4a's man module. The
       manual page can be provided on the command line, or installed on the system.

       Manual pages generated from other formats, like DocBook or POD, are not supported. See
       po4apod-display-po(1) for an equivalent supporting POD documents.

       -p PO_FILE
	   The PO file containing the translations.

       -m MASTER_FILE
	   The original man page. It can be the absolute or relative path to the original man
	   page (gzipped or not), the name the man page or the name and section of the man page
	   (using the man.section format).  When the master document is not provided with the -m
	   option, po4aman-display-po tries to find the original man page based on the line
	   reference of the first string in the PO.

       -o PO4A_OPT
	   Some options to pass to po4a-translate(1).


       Thomas Huriaux

Po4a Tools				    2006-04-08			    PO4AMAN-DISPLAY-PO(1)
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