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EXCHANGE2MBOX(1)		     OpenChange Users' Manual			 EXCHANGE2MBOX(1)

       exchange2mbox - Convert Exchange mailbox to mbox file

       exchange2mbox [-?|--help] [--usage] [-f|--database PATH] [-p|--profile PROFILE]
	   [-P|--password PASSWORD] [-m|--mbox FILENAME] [-u|--update]
	   [-d|--debuglevel LEVEL] [--dump-data]

       exchange2mbox provides a way to synchronize an Exchange mailbox with a mbox file. The tool
       is developed so it only retrieves mails not already stored in the message ID  index  data-
       base  and  reflects  changes  back  to  the  Exchange server if the local message copy are


       -f     Set the path to the profile database to use


       -p     Set the profile to use. If no profile is specified, exchange2mbox try  to  retrieve
	      the  default  profile  in  the  database.  If  no  default  profile  has	been set,
	      exchange2mbox returns MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND .


       -P     Set the password for the profile to use. This can be omitted  if	the  password  is
	      stored in the profile.


       -m     Set the mbox file full path


       -u     Synchronize the local mbox file with the remote Exchange server mailbox.

	      Dump the hex data. This is only required for debugging or educational purposes.

       --debuglevel LEVEL

       -d     Set the debug level.

       Create/Update the mbox file and indexes within the profile database:

       Update the Exchange mailbox and indexes according to the changes made to the mbox file.

       exchange2mbox -u

       If  no  mbox  file  is  specified,  one	will  be  automatically created in $(HOME)/.open-
       change/mbox .  If you are using the default profile database path and have set  a  default
       profile	(using	mapiprofile  --profile=profile_name -S ) you do not need to specify these
       parameters on the command line.

       Julien Kerihuel <j.kerihuel at openchange dot org>

       Brad Hards <bradh at openchange dot org>

OpenChange 2.0 QUADRANT 		    2013-01-24				 EXCHANGE2MBOX(1)
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