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DMX(3)											   DMX(3)

       DMX - X Window System DMX (Distributed Multihead X) extension

       The  DMX  extension provides support for communication with and control of Xdmx(1) server.
       Attributes of the Xdmx(1) server and of the back-end screens attached to the server can be
       queried and modified via this protocol.

       The following is a summary of DMX library functions:

       DMXQueryExtension(3) - determine if DMX is available

       DMXQueryVersion(3) - determine DMX extension version

       DMXSync(3) - flush protocol requests between Xdmx(1) and back-end X servers

       DMXForceWindowCreation(3) - force immediate back-end window creation

       DMXGetScreenCount(3) - determine number of back-end screens

       DMXGetScreenAttributes(3) - determine back-end screen attributes

       DMXChangeScreensAttributes(3) - change back-end screen attributes

       DMXAddScreen(3) - attach a new back-end screen

       DMXRemoveScreen(3) - detach a back-end screen

       DMXGetWindowAttributes(3) - determine back-end window attributes

       DMXGetDesktopAttributes(3) - determine global bounding box

       DMXChangeDesktopAttributes(3) - change global bounding box

       DMXGetInputCount(3) - determine number of input devices

       DMXGetInputAttributes(3) - determine input device attributes

       DMXAddInput(3) - attach a new backend or console input

       DMXRemoveInput(3) - detach an input

       DMXAddBackendInput(3) - attach a new back-end input

       DMXAddConsoleInput(3) - attach a new console input

       Each of these functions is described in its own man page.

       Xdmx(1), xdmxconfig(1), vdltodmx(1)

X Version 11				   libdmx 1.1.3 				   DMX(3)
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