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ipa-replica-prepare(1)			 IPA Manual Pages		   ipa-replica-prepare(1)

       ipa-replica-prepare - Create an IPA replica file

       ipa-replica-prepare [OPTION]... hostname

       Generates  a replica file that may be used with ipa-replica-install to create a replica of
       an IPA server.

       A replica can only be created on an IPA	server	installed  with  ipa-server-install  (the
       first server).

       You  must  provide  the	fully-qualified  hostname  of the machine you want to install the
       replica on and a host-specific replica_file will be created. It is  host-specific  because
       SSL  server  certificates  are generated as part of the process and they are specific to a
       particular hostname.

       If IPA manages the DNS for your domain, you should either use the --ip-address  option  or
       add the forward and reverse records manually using IPA plugins.

       Once  the  file	has been created it will be named replica-hostname. This file can then be
       moved across the network to the target machine and a new  IPA  replica  setup  by  running
       ipa-replica-install replica-hostname.

       A replica should only be installed on the same or higher version of IPA on the remote sys-

	      PKCS#12 file containing the Directory Server SSL Certificate and Private Key

	      PKCS#12 file containing the Apache Server SSL Certificate and Private Key

	      The password of the Directory Server PKCS#12 file

	      The password of the Apache Server PKCS#12 file

       -p DM_PASSWORD, --password=DM_PASSWORD
	      Directory Manager (existing master) password

	      IP address of the replica server. If you provide this option, the A and PTR records
	      will be added to the DNS.

	      The reverse DNS zone to use

	      Do not create reverse DNS zone

	      Location of CA PKCS#12 file, default /root/cacert.p12

	      Prints info log messages to the output

       0 if the command was successful

       1 if an error occurred

IPA					   Mar 14 2008			   ipa-replica-prepare(1)
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