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__gnu_debug::_BeforeBeginHelper< _Sequence >(3)   __gnu_debug::_BeforeBeginHelper< _Sequence >(3)

       __gnu_debug::_BeforeBeginHelper< _Sequence > -

   Public Types
       typedef _It::iterator_type _BaseIt
       typedef _Sequence::const_iterator _It

   Static Public Member Functions
       static bool _S_Is (_BaseIt, const _Sequence *)
       static bool _S_Is_Beginnest (_BaseIt __it, const _Sequence *__seq)

Detailed Description
   template<typename _Sequence>struct __gnu_debug::_BeforeBeginHelper< _Sequence >
       Helper struct to deal with sequence offering a before_begin iterator.

       Definition at line 45 of file safe_iterator.h.

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libstdc++				 Tue Jun 1__gnu_debug::_BeforeBeginHelper< _Sequence >(3)
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