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PDFMOM(1)										PDFMOM(1)

       pdfmom - Produce PDF documents using the mom macro set

       pdfmom [-Tps [pdfroff options]] [groff options] files ...

       pdfmom [-Tpdf] [groff options] files ...

       pdfmom  is  a  wrapper  around groff that facilitates the production of PDF documents from
       files formatted with the mom macros.

       pdfmom prints to stdout, so output must be redirected to a destination file.  The size  of
       the final PDF can be reduced by piping the output through ps2pdf.

       If  called  with  the  -Tpdf  option  (which is the default), pdfmom processes files using
       groff's native PDF driver, gropdf.  If  -Tps  is  given,  processing  is  passed  over  to
       pdfroff,  which	uses  groff's  PostScript  driver.   In either case, multiple runs of the
       source file are peformed in order to satisfy any forward references in the document.

       pdfmom accepts all the same options as groff.  If -Tps is given,  the  options  associated
       with pdfroff are accepted as well.  Please note that when pdfmom calls pdfroff, the

	      -mpdfmark -mom --no-toc

       options	are implied and should not be given on the command line.  Equally, it is not nec-
       essary to supply the -mom or -m mom options when -Tps is absent.

       PDF integration with the mom macros is discussed in full in the PDF manual, Producing PDFs
       with groff and mom.

       pdfmom sometimes issues warnings of the type

	 ...: can't transparently output node at top level

       This is more of an annoyance than a bug, and may safely be ignored.

       groff(1), pdfroff(1), ps2pdf(1)

Groff Version 1.22.2			 7 February 2013				PDFMOM(1)
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