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SPI_CONNECT(3)			  PostgreSQL 9.2.7 Documentation		   SPI_CONNECT(3)

       SPI_connect - connect a procedure to the SPI manager

       int SPI_connect(void)

       SPI_connect opens a connection from a procedure invocation to the SPI manager. You must
       call this function if you want to execute commands through SPI. Some utility SPI functions
       can be called from unconnected procedures.

       If your procedure is already connected, SPI_connect will return the error code
       SPI_ERROR_CONNECT. This could happen if a procedure that has called SPI_connect directly
       calls another procedure that calls SPI_connect. While recursive calls to the SPI manager
       are permitted when an SQL command called through SPI invokes another function that uses
       SPI, directly nested calls to SPI_connect and SPI_finish are forbidden. (But see SPI_push
       and SPI_pop.)

	   on success

	   on error

PostgreSQL 9.2.7			    2014-02-17				   SPI_CONNECT(3)
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