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CentOS 7.0 - man page for papi_event_info_t (centos section 3)

PAPI_event_info_t(3)			       PAPI			     PAPI_event_info_t(3)

       PAPI_event_info_t -

   Data Fields
       unsigned int event_code
       char symbol [1024]
       char short_descr [64]
       char long_descr [1024]
       int component_index
       char units [64]
       int location
       int data_type
       int value_type
       int timescope
       int update_type
       int update_freq
       unsigned int count
       unsigned int event_type
       char derived [64]
       char postfix [256]
       unsigned int code [12]
       char name [12][256]
       char note [1024]

Field Documentation
   unsigned int PAPI_event_info_t::code[12]
       array of values that further describe the event:

       o presets: native event_code values

       o native:, register values(?)

   int PAPI_event_info_t::component_index
       component this event belongs to

   unsigned int PAPI_event_info_t::count
       number of terms (usually 1) in the code and name fields

       o presets: these are native events

       o native: these are unused

   int PAPI_event_info_t::data_type
       data type returned by PAPI

   char PAPI_event_info_t::derived[64]
       name of the derived type

       o presets: usually NOT_DERIVED

       o native: empty string

   unsigned int PAPI_event_info_t::event_code
       preset (0x8xxxxxxx) or native (0x4xxxxxxx) event code

   unsigned int PAPI_event_info_t::event_type
       event type or category for preset events only

   int PAPI_event_info_t::location
       location event applies to

   char PAPI_event_info_t::long_descr[1024]
       a longer description: typically a sentence for presets, possibly a paragraph from vendor
       docs for native events

   char PAPI_event_info_t::name[12][256]
       < names of code terms: - presets: native event names,

       o native: descriptive strings for each register value(?)

   char PAPI_event_info_t::note[1024]
	 an optional developer note
			   supplied with a preset event
			   to delineate platform specific

	anomalies or restrictions

   char PAPI_event_info_t::postfix[256]
       string containing postfix operations; only defined for preset events of derived type

   char PAPI_event_info_t::short_descr[64]
       a short description suitable for use as a label

   char PAPI_event_info_t::symbol[1024]
       name of the event

   int PAPI_event_info_t::timescope
       from start, etc.

   char PAPI_event_info_t::units[64]
       units event is measured in

   int PAPI_event_info_t::update_freq
       how frequently event is updated

   int PAPI_event_info_t::update_type
       how event is updated

   int PAPI_event_info_t::value_type
       sum or absolute

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