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tracker-preferences(1)			  User Commands 		   tracker-preferences(1)

       tracker-preferences - Preferences editor for tracker-miner-fs


       tracker-preferences  is a graphical configuration front end for the tracker-miner-fs which
       crawls and mines data from the filesystem to be stored in the Tracker databases.

       Importantly, the TRACKER_USE_CONFIG_FILES environment variable which can be  used  by  the
       tracker-miner-fs  and  other  binaries for switching from GSettings to config files is not
       supported by tracker-preferences.  This means that configuration changes  (usually  stored
       in $HOME/.config/tracker) must be manually updated when not using GSettings.

       tracker-miner-fs(1), tracker-control(1), tracker-store(1).

GNU					  September 2009		   tracker-preferences(1)
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