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Font::TTF::AATutils(3)	       User Contributed Perl Documentation	   Font::TTF::AATutils(3)

   ($classes, $states) = AAT_read_subtable($fh, $baseOffset, $subtableStart, $limits)
   $length = AAT_write_state_table($fh, $classes, $states, $numExtraTables, $packEntry)
       $packEntry is a subroutine for packing an entry into binary form, called as

       $dat = $packEntry($entry, $entryTable, $numEntries)

       where the entry is a comma-separated list of nextStateOffset, flags, actions

   ($classes, $states, $entries) = AAT_read_state_table($fh, $numActionWords)
   ($format, $lookup) = AAT_read_lookup($fh, $valueSize, $length, $default)
   AAT_write_lookup($fh, $format, $lookup, $valueSize, $default)
perl v5.16.3				    2012-07-24			   Font::TTF::AATutils(3)
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