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XmDataFieldSetSelection(library call)			    XmDataFieldSetSelection(library call)

       XmDataFieldSetSelection	--  A  DataField  function that sets the primary selection of the

       #include <Xm/DataF.h>
       void XmDataFieldSetSelection(
       Widget widget,
       XmTextPosition first,
       XmTextPosition last,
       Time time);

       XmDataFieldSetSelection sets the primary selection of the text in  the  widget.	 It  also
       sets  the  insertion  cursor  position to the last position of the selection and calls the
       widget's XmNmotionVerifyCallback callbacks.  XmDataFieldSetSelection always  generates  an
       XmNgainPrimaryCallback unless it fails to take ownership of the primary text selection.

       widget	 Specifies the DataField widget ID

       first	 Marks the first character position of the text to be selected

       last	 Marks the last position of the text to be selected

       time	 Specifies  the  time at which the selection value is desired. This should be the
		 same as the time of the event that triggered this request. One source of a valid
		 time stamp is the function XtLastTimestampProcessed.

       For a complete definition of DataField and its associated resources, see XmDataField(3).


							    XmDataFieldSetSelection(library call)
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