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ao_string_tokenize(3)		       Programmer's Manual		    ao_string_tokenize(3)

       ao_string_tokenize - tokenize an input string

       #include <your-opts.h>
       cc [...] -o outfile infile.c -lopts [...]

       token_list_t* ao_string_tokenize(char const* string);

       This  function  will convert one input string into a list of strings.  The list of strings
       is derived by separating the input based on white space separation.  However, if the input
       contains  either  single or double quote characters, then the text after that character up
       to a matching quote will become the string in the list.

       The returned pointer should be deallocated with free(3C) when are  done	using  the  data.
       The  data  are placed in a single block of allocated memory.  Do not deallocate individual

       The structure pointed to will contain at least these two fields:

       tkn_ct The number of tokens found in the input string.

       tok_list An array of tkn_ct + 1 pointers to substring tokens, with the last pointer set to

       There  are  two	types of quoted strings: single quoted (') and double quoted (").  Singly
       quoted strings are fairly raw in that escape characters (\) are simply another  character,
       except when preceding the following characters:
	   \  double backslashes reduce to one
	   '   incorporates the single quote into the string
	   0fP	suppresses both the backslash and newline character

       Double  quote strings are formed according to the rules of string constants in ANSI-C pro-

       string string to be tokenized

       pointer to a structure that lists each token

       NULL is returned and errno will be set to indicate the problem:

       EINVAL - There was an unterminated quoted string.

       ENOENT - The input string was empty.

       ENOMEM - There is not enough memory.  @end itemize

		#include <stdlib.h>
		int ix;
		token_list_t* ptl = ao_string_tokenize(some_string)
		for (ix = 0; ix < ptl->tkn_ct; ix++)
	    Note that everything is freed with the one call to free(3C).

       The info documentation for the -lopts library.
       configFileLoad(3), optionFileLoad(3), optionFindNextValue(3), optionFindValue(3),  option-
       Free(3),  optionGetValue(3),  optionLoadLine(3),  optionMemberList(3), optionNextValue(3),
       optionOnlyUsage(3), optionProcess(3),  optionRestore(3),  optionSaveFile(3),  optionSaveS-
       tate(3),   optionUnloadNested(3),   optionVersion(3),  strequate(3),  streqvcmp(3),  stre-
       qvmap(3), strneqvcmp(3), strtransform(3),

					    2014-06-10			    ao_string_tokenize(3)
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