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SPI_CURSOR_MOVE(3)		  PostgreSQL 9.2.7 Documentation	       SPI_CURSOR_MOVE(3)

       SPI_cursor_move - move a cursor

       void SPI_cursor_move(Portal portal, bool forward, long count)

       SPI_cursor_move skips over some number of rows in a cursor. This is equivalent to a subset
       of the SQL command MOVE (see SPI_scroll_cursor_move for more functionality).

       Portal portal
	   portal containing the cursor

       bool forward
	   true for move forward, false for move backward

       long count
	   maximum number of rows to move

       Moving backward may fail if the cursor's plan was not created with the CURSOR_OPT_SCROLL

PostgreSQL 9.2.7			    2014-02-17			       SPI_CURSOR_MOVE(3)
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