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CentOS 7.0 - man page for rdf2ith (centos section 1)

RDF2BIN(1)							   Debian Manual							RDF2BIN(1)

rdf2bin, rdf2com - convert an RDOFF object file to flat binary
rdf2bin [-o relocation-origin] [-p segment-alignment] [-f format] input-file output-file rdf2com [-p segment-alignment] input-file output-file rdf2ith [-o relocation-origin] [-p segment-alignment] input-file output-file rdf2srec [-o relocation-origin] [-p segment-alignment] input-file output-file
-o relocation-origin Relocate at origin relocation-origin. If invoked as rdf2com, the default relocation origin will be 0x100. Else, the default origin is 0. -p segment-alignment Pad segments until their size is a multiple of segment-alignment. By default, 16 is used. -f format Specify the output format. The currently supported formats are binary (bin), DOS COM (binary with origin 0x100) (com) Intel hex (ith or ihx), and Motorola S-Records (srec). If not specified, the format is set by the command name.
Julian Hall <>, H. Peter Anvin <>. This manual page was written by Matej Vela <>.
This utility currently only supports the classic segments .text, .data and .bss. Debian Project September 6, 1999 RDF2BIN(1)