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tartdates(5) [centos man page]

tartdates(5)						      LinuxTaRT Special Dates						      tartdates(5)

tartdates - Special date configuration for LinuxTaRT DESCRIPTION
LinuxTaRT uses a configuration file called specialdates to enable the user to display a specific tagline on certain special dates. The name and location of this file is specified in the LinuxTaRT configuration file ~/.tartrc, but is usually: ~/.tartdates PARAMETERS
Each line of the special date file consists of a day of the year expressed as a two digit month, a forward-slash (/), a two digit date, a colon (:) and a line of text. mm/dd:tagline text Any line that does not conform to this specification will be treated as a comment. Comments may also be specified by prefixing text with a # symbol. Using this method, you can place a comment behind a date line. EXAMPLES
01/01:Happy New Year!! Will use "Happy New Year!!" as the tagline when the date is January 1st. 12/25:Merry Christmas to all! Displays "Merry Christmas to all!" as your tagline on Christmas day. FILES
~/.tartdates SEE ALSO
tart(1) tartrc(5) tart-custom(5) Mark Veinot 1.0.0 tartdates(5)

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tartrc(5)						LinuxTaRT configuration file format						 tartrc(5)

.tartrc - Configuration file for LinuxTaRT DESCRIPTION
LinuxTaRT uses a configuration file called tartrc. This configuration file is searched for in the following location: ~/.tartrc PARAMETERS
CustomText1 = string Signature header or text to replace %c1 in template. CustomText2 = string Signature footer or text to replace %c2 in template. SignatureFile = /path/to/signature_file Location and name file to write the sigature to. TagLineDatabase = /path/to/tagline_database Location and name of tagline database. (defaults to /etc/tart.tags) SpecialDates = /path/to/special_dates Location and name of special date file. CustomFile = /path/to/template Location and name of layout template. The following settings may be overridden from the command line. RunQuiet = 0|1 Display information during executution. ShowDate = 0|1 Display the date in the default signature. ShowVersion = 0|1 Display the LinuxTaRT version in the default signature. CenterText = 0|1 Center the text in the default signature. UseCustomText = 0|1 Generate signature from template or use default layout. UseSpecialDates = 0|1 Check special date file for special dates. RunAsDaemon = seconds Run as a daemon and wait this many seconds between updates. FILES
~/.tartrc SEE ALSO
tart(1) tartdates(5) tart-custom(5) Mark Veinot 1.0.0 tartrc(5)
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