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XcmsCCCOfColormap(3)			  XLIB FUNCTIONS		     XcmsCCCOfColormap(3)

       XcmsCCCOfColormap, XcmsSetCCCOfColormap - query and modify CCC of a colormap

       XcmsCCC XcmsCCCOfColormap(Display *display, Colormap colormap);

       XcmsCCC XcmsSetCCCOfColormap(Display *display, Colormap colormap, XcmsCCC ccc);

       display	 Specifies the connection to the X server.

       ccc	 Specifies the CCC.

       colormap  Specifies the colormap.

       The XcmsCCCOfColormap function returns the CCC associated with the specified colormap.
       Once obtained, the CCC attributes can be queried or modified.  Unless the CCC associated
       with the specified colormap is changed with XcmsSetCCCOfColormap, this CCC is used when
       the specified colormap is used as an argument to color functions.

       The XcmsSetCCCOfColormap function changes the CCC associated with the specified colormap.
       It returns the CCC previously associated with the colormap.  If they are not used again in
       the application, CCCs should be freed by calling XcmsFreeCCC.  Several colormaps may share
       the same CCC without restriction; this includes the CCCs generated by Xlib with each col-
       ormap.  Xlib, however, creates a new CCC with each new colormap.

       DisplayOfCCC(3), XcmsConvertColors(3), XcmsCreateCCC(3), XcmsDefaultCCC(3), XcmsSetWhite-
       Xlib - C Language X Interface

X Version 11				   libX11 1.6.0 		     XcmsCCCOfColormap(3)
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