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slacn2.f(3)				      LAPACK				      slacn2.f(3)

       slacn2.f -

       subroutine slacn2 (N, V, X, ISGN, EST, KASE, ISAVE)
	   SLACN2 estimates the 1-norm of a square matrix, using reverse communication for
	   evaluating matrix-vector products.

Function/Subroutine Documentation
   subroutine slacn2 (integerN, real, dimension( * )V, real, dimension( * )X, integer, dimension(
       * )ISGN, realEST, integerKASE, integer, dimension( 3 )ISAVE)
       SLACN2 estimates the 1-norm of a square matrix, using reverse communication for evaluating
       matrix-vector products.


	    SLACN2 estimates the 1-norm of a square, real matrix A.
	    Reverse communication is used for evaluating matrix-vector products.


		     N is INTEGER
		    The order of the matrix.  N >= 1.


		     V is REAL array, dimension (N)
		    On the final return, V = A*W,  where  EST = norm(V)/norm(W)
		    (W is not returned).


		     X is REAL array, dimension (N)
		    On an intermediate return, X should be overwritten by
			  A * X,   if KASE=1,
			  A**T * X,  if KASE=2,
		    and SLACN2 must be re-called with all the other parameters


		     ISGN is INTEGER array, dimension (N)


		     EST is REAL
		    On entry with KASE = 1 or 2 and ISAVE(1) = 3, EST should be
		    unchanged from the previous call to SLACN2.
		    On exit, EST is an estimate (a lower bound) for norm(A).


		     KASE is INTEGER
		    On the initial call to SLACN2, KASE should be 0.
		    On an intermediate return, KASE will be 1 or 2, indicating
		    whether X should be overwritten by A * X  or A**T * X.
		    On the final return from SLACN2, KASE will again be 0.


		     ISAVE is INTEGER array, dimension (3)
		    ISAVE is used to save variables between calls to SLACN2

	   Univ. of Tennessee

	   Univ. of California Berkeley

	   Univ. of Colorado Denver

	   NAG Ltd.

	   September 2012

       Further Details:

	     Originally named SONEST, dated March 16, 1988.

	     This is a thread safe version of SLACON, which uses the array ISAVE
	     in place of a SAVE statement, as follows:

		 JUMP	  ISAVE(1)
		 J	  ISAVE(2)
		 ITER	  ISAVE(3)

	   Nick Higham, University of Manchester

	   N.J. Higham, 'FORTRAN codes for estimating the one-norm of
	     a real or complex matrix, with applications to condition estimation', ACM Trans.
	   Math. Soft., vol. 14, no. 4, pp. 381-396, December 1988.

       Definition at line 137 of file slacn2.f.

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Version 3.4.2				 Tue Sep 25 2012			      slacn2.f(3)
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