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GENCNVAL(1)				ICU 50.1.2 Manual			      GENCNVAL(1)

       gencnval - compile the converters aliases file

       gencnval [ -h, -?, --help ] [ -v, --verbose ] [ -c, --copyright ] [ -s, --sourcedir source
       ] [ -d, --destdir destination ] [ converterfile ]

       gencnval converts the ICU aliases file converterfile into the  binary  file  cnvalias.icu.
       This binary file can then be read directly by ICU, or used by pkgdata(1) for incorporation
       into a larger archive or library.

       If converterfile is not provided, the default ICU convrtrs.txt file is used.

       -h, -?, --help
	      Print help about usage and exit.

       -v, --verbose
	      Display verbose output. This information can include information about  conflicting
	      aliases and the converters the aliases resolve to.

       -c, --copyright
	      Include a copyright notice in the binary data.

       -s, --sourcedir source
	      Set  the	source directory to source.  The default source directory is specified by
	      the environment variable ICU_DATA.

       -d, --destdir destination
	      Set the destination directory to destination.  The default destination directory is
	      specified by the environment variable ICU_DATA.

       ICU_DATA  Specifies the directory containing ICU data. Defaults to /usr/share/icu/50.1.2/.
		 Some tools in ICU depend on the presence of  the  trailing  slash.  It  is  thus
		 important to make sure that it is present if ICU_DATA is set.

       icu/source/data/mappings/convrtrs.txt   Description of ICU's converters and their aliases.
					       This data file is not normally installed,  and  it
					       is available as a part of ICU source code.


       Copyright (C) 2000-2004 IBM, Inc. and others.


ICU MANPAGE				  11 March 2004 			      GENCNVAL(1)
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