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PLYMOUTH(8)						       System Administration						       PLYMOUTH(8)

plymouth - A graphical boot system and logger DESCRIPTION
plymouth is a graphical boot system for Linux which takes advantage of the kernel-based mode setting (KMS) available for modern graphic cards to provide a seamless, flickerfree and attractive boot screen. It allows to choose between various, static or animated graphical themes to spruce up the startup and avoid the noise generated by the vast amount of kernel messages while the machine boots into X. On systems where kernel-based mode setting is not available, plymouth falls back to a text mode boot screen which provides a simple progress bar to pro- vide feedback during boot. In order for the configured default plymouth theme to be loaded during boot, the option `splash' (or `rhgb' for backward compatibility with the RHGB boot splash) must be provided at the kernel command line. Without this command line option, plymouth will default to showing detailed boot output. During the boot process, the user can switch between the graphical theme and the detailed boot output using the Escape key. SEE ALSO
grub(8), plymouth-set-theme(1), plymouthd(8), plymouth(1), AUTHORS
plymouth was originally prototyped and named by Kristian Hogsberg, originally written by Ray Strode and has had significant contributions from Charlie Brej. It has also had contributions from Peter Jones, Adam Jackson, Frederic Crozat and others. plymouth PLYMOUTH(8)

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PLYMOUTHD(8)                                                   System Administration                                                  PLYMOUTHD(8)

plymouthd - The plymouth daemon SYNOPSIS
The plymouthd daemon is usually run out of the initrd. It does the heavy lifting of the plymouth system, logging the session and showing the splash screen. The plymouth is used to send commands to plymouthd that control its behaviour. OPTIONS
The following options are understood: --help Show summary of options. --attach-to-session Redirect console messages from screen to log. --no-daemon Do not daemonize. --debug Output debugging information. --debug-file=STRING File to write debugging information to. --mode=MODE Set mode to either boot or shutdown. --pid-file=STRING Write the PID of the daemon to a file. --kernel-command-line=STRING Fake kernel commandline to use. --tty=STRING TTY to ues instead of default. SEE ALSO
grub(8), plymouth(8), plymouth(1), plymouth PLYMOUTHD(8)
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