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CentOS 7.0 - man page for ruptime (centos section 1)

RUPTIME(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						RUPTIME(1)

ruptime -- show host status of local machines
ruptime [-alrtu] [-n=length]
Ruptime gives a status line like uptime for each machine on the local network; these are formed from packets broadcast by each host on the network once a minute. Machines for which no status report has been received for 11 minutes are shown as being down. Options: -a Users idle an hour or more are not counted unless the -a flag is given. -l Sort by load average. -r Reverses the sort order. -t Sort by uptime. -u Sort by number of users. -n=length Specify hostname length in output. The default listing is sorted by host name.
/var/spool/rwho/whod.* data files
rup(1), rwho(1), uptime(1), rwhod(8)
Ruptime appeared in 4.2BSD. Linux NetKit (0.17) August 15, 1999 Linux NetKit (0.17)