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CentOS 7.0 - man page for papi_stop_counters (centos section 3)

PAPI_stop_counters(3)					 PAPI					PAPI_stop_counters(3)

PAPI_stop_counters - Stop counting hardware events and reset values to zero.
Detailed Description @par C Interface: int PAPI_stop_counters( long long *values, int array_len ); Parameters: *values an array where to put the counter values array_len the number of items in the *values array Postcondition: After this function is called, the values are reset to zero. Return values: PAPI_EINVAL One or more of the arguments is invalid. PAPI_ENOTRUN The EventSet is not started yet. PAPI_ENOEVST The EventSet has not been added yet. The PAPI_stop_counters() function stops the counters and copies the counts into the *values array. The counters must have been started by a previous call to PAPI_start_counters(). int Events[2] = { PAPI_TOT_CYC, PAPI_TOT_INS }; long long values[2]; if ( PAPI_start_counters( Events, 2 ) != PAPI_OK ) handle_error(1); your_slow_code(); if ( PAPI_stop_counters( values, 2 ) != PAPI_OK ) handle_error(1); * See Also: PAPI_read_counters() PAPI_start_counters() PAPI_set_opt() Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for PAPI from the source code. Version Tue Jun 17 2014 PAPI_stop_counters(3)
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