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XmDropSiteEndUpdate(library call)				XmDropSiteEndUpdate(library call)

       XmDropSiteEndUpdate  --	A  Drag  and Drop function that facilitates processing updates to
       multiple drop sites

       #include <Xm/DragDrop.h>
       void XmDropSiteEndUpdate(
       Widget widget);

       XmDropSiteEndUpdate is used in conjunction with XmDropSiteStartUpdate to  process  updates
       to  multiple  drop  sites  within  the same hierarchy. XmDropSiteStartUpdate and XmDropSi-
       teEndUpdate signal the beginning and the end respectively of a series of calls to  XmDrop-
       SiteUpdate.   Calls  to	XmDropSiteStartUpdate  and XmDropSiteEndUpdate can be recursively
       stacked. Using these routines optimizes the processing of update information.

       widget	 Specifies the ID of any widget within a given hierarchy. The function uses  this
		 widget to identify the shell that contains the drop sites.

       For a complete definition of DropSite and its associated resources, see XmDropSite(3).

       XmDropSiteStartUpdate(3) and XmDropSiteUpdate(3).

								XmDropSiteEndUpdate(library call)
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