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CentOS 7.0 - man page for rcopy (centos section 1)

RCOPY(1)							     librdmacm								  RCOPY(1)

rcopy - simple file copy over RDMA.
rcopy source server[:destination] [-p port] rcopy [-p port]
Uses sockets over RDMA interface to copy a source file to the specified destination.
rce The name and path of the source file to copy. ver The name or address of the destination server. destination An optional destination filename and path. If not given, the destination filename will match that of the source. -p server_port The server's port number. NOTES Basic usage is to start rcopy on a server system, then run rcopy sourcefile servername. The server application will continue to run after copying the file, but is currently single-threaded. Because this test maps RDMA resources to userspace, users must ensure that they have available system resources and permissions. See the libibverbs README file for additional details.
rdma_cm(7) librdmacm 2011-12-2 RCOPY(1)