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CentOS 7.0 - man page for sdptool (centos section 1)

sdptool(1)						      General Commands Manual							sdptool(1)

sdptool -- control and interrogate SDP servers
sdptool [options] {command} [command parameters ...]
sdptool provides the interface for performing SDP queries on Bluetooth devices, and administering a local sdpd.
The following commands are available. In all cases bdaddr specifies the device to search or browse. If local is used for bdaddr, then the local sdpd is searched. Services are identified and manipulated with a 4-byte record_handle (NOT the service name). To find a service's record_handle, look for the "Service RecHandle" line in the search or browse results search [--bdaddr bdaddr] [--tree] [--raw] [--xml] service_name Search for services.. Known service names are DID, SP, DUN, LAN, FAX, OPUSH, FTP, HS, HF, HFAG, SAP, NAP, GN, PANU, HCRP, HID, CIP, A2SRC, A2SNK, AVRCT, AVRTG, UDIUE, UDITE and SYNCML. browse [--tree] [--raw] [--xml] [bdaddr] Browse all available services on the device specified by a Bluetooth address as a parameter. records [--tree] [--raw] [--xml] bdaddr Retrieve all possible service records. add [ --handle=N --channel=N ] Add a service to the local sdpd. You can specify a handle for this record using the --handle option. You can specify a channel to add the service on using the --channel option. del record_handle Remove a service from the local sdpd. get [--tree] [--raw] [--xml] [--bdaddr bdaddr] record_handle Retrieve a service from the local sdpd. setattr record_handle attrib_id attrib_value Set or add an attribute to an SDP record. setseq record_handle attrib_id attrib_values Set or add an attribute sequence to an SDP record.
--help Displays help on using sdptool.
sdptool browse 00:80:98:24:15:6D sdptool browse local sdptool add DUN sdptool del 0x10000
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Maxim Krasnyansky <>. Man page written by Edd Dumbill <>.
sdpd(8) sdptool(1)