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Oo(3)					  OCaml library 				    Oo(3)

       Oo - Operations on objects

       Module	Oo

       Module Oo
	: sig end

       Operations on objects

       val copy : (< .. > as 'a) -> 'a

       Oo.copy	o  returns  a copy of object o , that is a fresh object with the same methods and
       instance variables as o .

       val id : < .. > -> int

       Return an integer identifying this object, unique for the current execution  of	the  pro-
       gram.  The  generic  comparison	and  hashing functions are based on this integer. When an
       object is obtained by unmarshaling, the id is refreshed, and thus different from the orig-
       inal object. As a consequence, the internal invariants of data structures such as hash ta-
       ble or sets containing objects are broken after unmarshaling the data structures.

OCamldoc				    2014-06-09					    Oo(3)
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