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SPLITDIFF(1)				    Man pages				     SPLITDIFF(1)

       splitdiff - separate out incremental patches

       splitdiff [-a] [-d] [-p n] [-E] [file]

       splitdiff {[--help] | [--version]}

       If you have a patch file composed of several incremental patches, you can use splitdiff to
       separate them out. You may want to do this in preparation for re-combining them with

       The effect of running splitdiff is to separate its input into a set of output files, with
       no output file patching the same file more than once.

	   Split out every single file-level patch.

	   Create file names such as a_b.c.patch for a patch that modifies a/b.c.

       -p n
	   Strip the first n components of the pathname to aid comparisons.

	   Don't use .patch filename extension when writing output files.

	   Display a short usage message.

	   Display the version number of splitdiff.

       combinediff(1), lsdiff(1)

       Tim Waugh <twaugh@redhat.com>
	   Package maintainer

patchutils				   25 May 2011				     SPLITDIFF(1)
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