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FUNCTION::UBACKTRACE(3stap)		Context Functions	      FUNCTION::UBACKTRACE(3stap)

       function::ubacktrace - Hex backtrace of current user-space task stack.



       Return a string of hex addresses that are a backtrace of the stack of the current task.
       Output may be truncated as per maximum string length. Returns empty string when current
       probe point cannot determine user backtrace. See backtrace for kernel traceback.

       To get (full) backtraces for user space applications and shared shared libraries not
       mentioned in the current script run stap with -d /path/to/exe-or-so and/or add --ldd to
       load all needed unwind data.

SystemTap Tapset Reference		    June 2014		      FUNCTION::UBACKTRACE(3stap)
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