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CentOS 7.0 - man page for libpinyin (centos section 1)

LIBPINYIN(1)							   User Commands						      LIBPINYIN(1)

libpinyin - Library to deal with pinyin
The libpinyin project aims to provide the algorithms core for intelligent sentence-based Chinese pinyin input methods.
gen_binary_files - generate initially binary pinyin libraries import_interpolation - import libpinyin textual format model data gen_unigram - increase the unigram frequency for all phrases
gen_binary_files --table-dir <DIRNAME> --table-dir Read textual format files from the <DIRNAME> directory. import_interpolation < <MODELFILE> gen_unigram
Download the model.text.tar.gz, and extracts all files into a folder, then run the commands below to generate the binary model data. rm gb_char.bin gbk_char.bin phrase_index.bin pinyin_index.bin bigram.db gen_binary_files --table-dir ../data import_interpolation < ../data/interpolation.text gen_unigram libpinyin Fed 2012 LIBPINYIN(1)