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XmStringComponentCreate(library call)			    XmStringComponentCreate(library call)

       XmStringComponentCreate -- A compound string function that creates arbitrary components

       #include <Xm/Xm.h>
       XmString XmStringComponentCreate(
       XmStringComponentType c_type,
       unsigned int length,
       XtPointer value);

       XmStringComponentCreate creates a new XmString component of type c_type, containing value.
       If value is invalid for the particular component type, this  function  fails  and  returns

       c_type	 Specifies the type of component to be created.

       length	 Specifies  the  length  in bytes of value.  Note that this must be precisely the
		 length of the value string, not including any trailing null characters.

       value	 Specifies the value to be used in the creation of the component.

       Refer to the XmStringComponentType(3) reference page for a list of the  possible  XmString
       component types.

       If value is invalid for c_type, fails and returns NULL. Otherwise, this function returns a
       new compound string.  When the application no longer needs the returned	compound  string,
       the application should call XmStringFree.

       XmString(3), XmStringGetNextTriple, XmStringComponentType, and XmStringFree(3).

							    XmStringComponentCreate(library call)
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