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OBEX_PUSH(1)				  openobex-apps 			     OBEX_PUSH(1)

       obex_push - Push and Receive Files over the Bluetooth OBEX Push Channel

       obex_push [<channel>]  [<bdaddr> <filename>]

       obex_push can send and receive files over the Bluetooth OBEX Push Channel.

       Link your bluetooth device with your computer.

       You can see the SDP services with:

       $ sdptool browse <bdaddr>

       If  no  options	are given, any files sent over bluetooth will be received over channel 10
       and stored in /tmp.

       If <bdaddr> and <filename> are given, the file will be send to the device  specified  with

       <channel> - The bluetooth channel to use. Lookup the OBEX Push channel with sdptool browse

       <bdaddr> - The bluetooth address <bdaddr> of the device to send to.

       <filename> - The file to send.

       Harald Hoyer <harald@redhat.com>

1.0.0					   07 Feb 2007				     OBEX_PUSH(1)
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