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CentOS 7.0 - man page for grub2-mkimage (centos section 1)

GRUB-MKIMAGE(1) 					      General Commands Manual						   GRUB-MKIMAGE(1)

grub-mkimage -- Make a bootable GRUB image.
grub-mkimage [-c | --config=FILE] [-C | --compression=(xz,none,auto)] [-d | --directory=DIR] [-k | --pubkey=FILE] [-m | --memdisk=FILE] [-n | --note] [-o | --output=FILE] [-O | --format=FORMAT] [-p | --prefix=DIR] [-v | --verbose] MODULES
grub-mkimage builds a bootable image of GRUB.
--config=FILE Embed FILE as the image's initial configuration file. --compression=(xz,none,auto) Use one of xz, none, or auto as the compression method for the core image. --directory=DIR Use images and modules from DIR. The default value is /usr/lib/grub/<platform>. --pubkey=FILE Embed the public key FILE for signature checking. --memdisk=FILE Embed the memdisk image FILE. If no -p option is also specified, this implies -p (memdisk)/boot/grub. --note Add a CHRP NOTE section. This option is only valid on IEEE1275 platforms. --output=FILE Write the generated file to FILE. The default is to write to standard output. --format=FORMAT Generate an image in the specified FORMAT. Valid values are: i386-coreboot, i386-multiboot, i386-pc, i386-pc-pxe, i386-efi, i386-ieee1275, i386-qemu, x86_64-efi, mipsel-yeeloong-flash, mipsel-fuloong2f-flash, mipself-loongson-elf, powerpc-ieee1275, sparc64-ieee1275-raw, sparc64-ieee1275-cdcore, sparc64-ieee1275-aout, ia64-efi, mips-arc, mipsel-arc, mipsel-qemu_mips-elf, mips-qemu_mips-flash, mipsel-qemu_mips-flash, mips- qemu_mips-elf --prefix=DIR Set prefix directory. The default value is /boot/grub. --verbose Print verbose messages. MODULES Include MODULES.
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