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DMXDesktopAttributes(3) 						  DMXDesktopAttributes(3)

       DMXGetDesktopAttributes - determine global bounding box

       #include <X11/extensions/dmxext.h>

       Bool DMXGetDesktopAttributes(Display *dpy,
				    DMXDesktopAttributes *attr);

       DMXGetDesktopAttributes() returns information about the desktop in DMXDesktopAttributes:

       typedef struct {
	   unsigned int width;
	   unsigned int height;
	   int		shiftX;
	   int		shiftY;
       } DMXDesktopAttributes;

       The  size of the global bounding box is given in width, and height.  The shiftX and shiftY
       values will always be 0.  The global bounding box is computed whether or not  Xinerama  is
       active, but it is only useful when using Xinerama.

       The  global  bounding  box  used  by  Xdmx(1)  may be larger than the Xinerama screen size
       because of information in the configuration file.

       DMXGetDesktopAttributes() returns True unless there is a protocol error.

       DMXChangeDesktopAttributes(3), DMX(3), Xdmx(1)

X Version 11				   libdmx 1.1.3 		  DMXDesktopAttributes(3)
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