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Ttk_CreateTheme(3)			 Tk Themed Widget		       Ttk_CreateTheme(3)


       Ttk_CreateTheme,  Ttk_GetTheme,	Ttk_GetDefaultTheme, Ttk_GetCurrentTheme - create and use
       Tk themes.

       Ttk_Theme Ttk_CreateTheme(interp, name, parentTheme);
       Ttk_Theme Ttk_GetTheme(interp, name);
       Ttk_Theme Ttk_GetDefaultTheme(interp);
       Ttk_Theme Ttk_GetCurrentTheme(interp);

       Tcl_Interp * interp (in) 		 The Tcl interpreter in which  to  register/query
						 available themes.

       Ttk_Theme parentTheme (in)		 Fallback  or  parent  theme  from  which the new
						 theme will inherit elements and layouts.

       const char * name (in)			 The name of the theme.

       Ttk_RegisterLayout, Ttk_BuildLayout

Tk					       8.5			       Ttk_CreateTheme(3)
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