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OPENSC-TOOL(1)				   OpenSC Tools 			   OPENSC-TOOL(1)

       opensc-tool - generic smart card utility

       opensc-tool [OPTIONS]

       The opensc-tool utility can be used from the command line to perform miscellaneous smart
       card operations such as getting the card ATR or sending arbitrary APDU commands to a card.

       --atr, -a
	   Print the Answer To Reset (ATR) of the card. Output is in hex byte format

       --card-driver driver, -c driver
	   Use the given card driver. The default is auto-detected.

       --info, -i
	   Print information about OpenSC, such as version and enabled components.

       --list-drivers, -D
	   List all installed card drivers.

       --list-files, -f
	   Recursively list all files stored on card.

       --list-readers, -l
	   List all configured readers.

       --name, -n
	   Print the name of the inserted card (driver).

       --reader num, -r num
	   Use the given reader number. The default is 0, the first reader in the system.

       --send-apdu apdu, -s apdu
	   Sends an arbitrary APDU to the card in the format AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF....

	   Print the card serial number (normally the ICCSN). Output is in hex byte format

       --verbose, -v
	   Causes opensc-tool to be more verbose. Specify this flag several times to enable debug
	   output in the opensc library.

       --wait, -w
	   Wait for a card to be inserted.


opensc					    06/17/2014				   OPENSC-TOOL(1)
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