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CentOS 7.0 - man page for sndfile-interleave (centos section 1)

SNDFILE-INTERLEAVE(1)					      General Commands Manual					     SNDFILE-INTERLEAVE(1)

sndfile-interleave - convert multiple single channel files into a multi-channel file sndfile-deinterleave - split a multi-channel into multiple single channel files
sndfile-interleave <input 1> <input 2> ... -o <output file> sndfile-deinterleave filename
sndfile-interleave and sndfile-deinterleave use libsndfile ( to convert back and forth between multi- ple single channel files and a single multi-channel sound file. Run "sndfile-interleave --help" or "sndfile-deinterleave --help" for more information
This manual page was written by Erik de Castro Lopo <>. December 14, 2009 SNDFILE-INTERLEAVE(1)