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File::HomeDir::Darwin::Cocoa(3)User Contributed Perl DocumentationFile::HomeDir::Darwin::Cocoa(3)

       File::HomeDir::Darwin::Cocoa - Find your home and other directories on Darwin (OS X)

       This module provides Darwin-specific implementations for determining common user
       directories using Cocoa API through Mac::SystemDirectory.  In normal usage this module
       will always be used via File::HomeDir.

       Theoretically, this should return the same paths as both of the other Darwin drivers.

       Because this module requires Mac::SystemDirectory, if the module is not installed,
       File::HomeDir will fall back to File::HomeDir::Darwin.

	 use File::HomeDir;

	 # Find directories for the current user
	 $home	  = File::HomeDir->my_home;	 # /Users/mylogin
	 $desktop = File::HomeDir->my_desktop;	 # /Users/mylogin/Desktop
	 $docs	  = File::HomeDir->my_documents; # /Users/mylogin/Documents
	 $music   = File::HomeDir->my_music;	 # /Users/mylogin/Music
	 $pics	  = File::HomeDir->my_pictures;  # /Users/mylogin/Pictures
	 $videos  = File::HomeDir->my_videos;	 # /Users/mylogin/Movies
	 $data	  = File::HomeDir->my_data;	 # /Users/mylogin/Library/Application Support

perl v5.16.3				    2012-10-19		  File::HomeDir::Darwin::Cocoa(3)
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