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pbm2g3(1)			      mgetty+sendfax manual				pbm2g3(1)

       pbm2g3 - convert portable bitmaps (PBM) into G3 fax files

       pbm2g3 [-r] [-w<pagewidth>] [-h<blanklines>] [-d] [-a] [pbmfile]

       Reads a portable bitmap as input, converting it into a G3 fax file on stdout. That file is
       suitable for faxing it with sendfax(8) or queueing it for faxing  with  faxspool(1)  (pro-
       vided that it gets a ``.g3'' suffix).

       faxspool(1)  uses  pbm2g3(1) internally to convert various bitmap formats into fax g3 for-

       -a     byte-aligns the end-of-line codes, inserting padding bits as necessary.

       -w <page width>
	      sets the width of the resulting G3 page. Default is 1728. If you want to be able to
	      fax  it  with sendfax, don't use anything else. For other fax programs, 2048, 2432,
	      864 and 1216 may be useful. For other purposes, use what you like.

	      If you set it to 0, the width of the pbm file will be used.

       -h <blank lines>
	      specifies the number of blank lines pbm2g3 should prepend to each page. Default  is

	      To  produce identical output as pbmplus' pbm2g3 program (with my patch!)	does, use
	      ``-h 4''.

       -r     reverse the bit order in the bytes.

       -d     will one day make pbm2g3 prepend a digifax header to the page.

       The standard for Group 3 fax is defined in CCITT Recommendation T.4.

       The -d option isn't implemented yet.

       If a raw pbm file is converted, and the width of the g3 file is smaller than the width  of
       the pbm file, the former is rounded up to the next multiple of 8.

       g32pbm(1), pbm(5), sendfax(8)

       pbm2g3  is Copyright (C) 1993 by Gert Doering, <gert@greenie.muc.de>. It is similar to the
       pbmtog3 program in Jef Poskanzers pbmplus package, but it's a complete re-write.  No  code
       is copied.

greenie 				    27 Oct 93					pbm2g3(1)

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