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QWSKeyboardHandler(3qt) 												   QWSKeyboardHandler(3qt)

QWSKeyboardHandler - Implements the keyboard driver for Qt/Embedded
#include <qkeyboard_qws.h> Inherits QObject. Public Members QWSKeyboardHandler () virtual ~QWSKeyboardHandler () Protected Members virtual void processKeyEvent ( int unicode, int keycode, int modifiers, bool isPress, bool autoRepeat )
The QWSKeyboardHandler class implements the keyboard driver for Qt/Embedded. The keyboard driver handles events from system devices and generates key events. A QWSKeyboardHandler will usually open some system device in its constructor, create a QSocketNotifier on that opened device and when it receives data, it will call processKeyEvent() to send the event to Qt/Embedded for relaying to clients. See also Qt/Embedded.
QWSKeyboardHandler::QWSKeyboardHandler () Constructs a keyboard handler. The handler may be passed to the system for later destruction with QWSServer::setKeyboardHandler(), although even without doing this, the handler can function, calling processKeyEvent() to emit events. QWSKeyboardHandler::~QWSKeyboardHandler () [virtual] Destroys a keyboard handler. Note that if you have called QWSServer::setKeyboardHandler(), you must not delete the handler. void QWSKeyboardHandler::processKeyEvent ( int unicode, int keycode, int modifiers, bool isPress, bool autoRepeat ) [virtual protected] Subclasses call this function to send a key event. The server may additionally filter the event before sending it on to applications. <center>.nf </center>
Copyright 1992-2007 Trolltech ASA, See the license file included in the distribution for a complete license statement.
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