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linux-boot-prober(1)							     linux-boot-prober(1)

       linux-boot-prober -- Determine boot characteristics of a specified device.

       linux-boot-prober <partition>

       The  linux-boot-prober  utility	will try to work out how to boot the linux root partition
       specified by <partition>.  If successful, it will outoput one or more lines of the form:

       <root partition>:<boot partition>:<label>:<kernel path>:<initrd path>:<kernel parameters>

       For example, for a system with a kernel at /boot/vmlinuz and an	initramfs  at  /boot/ini-
       trd.gz,	and  with  /  on /dev/sda2 and /boot on /dev/sda1, the command "linux-boot-prober
       /dev/sda1" will display:


       Some partitions will not be displayed by linux-boot-prober.  If a partition is mounted  on
       /, /target, or /target/boot, it will be skipped.


linux-boot-prober			   20 Jan 2014			     linux-boot-prober(1)
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