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Locale::Po4a::Chooser(3)       User Contributed Perl Documentation	 Locale::Po4a::Chooser(3)

       Locale::Po4a::Chooser - manage po4a modules

       Locale::Po4a::Chooser is a module to manage po4a modules. Previously, all po4a binaries
       used to know all po4a modules (pod, man, sgml, etc). This made the addition of a new
       module boring, to make sure the documentation is synchronized in all modules, and that
       each of them can access the new module.

       Now, you just have to call the Locale::Po4a::Chooser::new() function, passing the name of
       module as argument.

       You also have the Locale::Po4a::Chooser::list() function which lists the available formats
       and exits on the value passed as argument.

       About po4a:
	   Locale::Po4a::Po(3pm), Locale::Po4a::TransTractor(3pm), po4a(7)

       About modules:
	   Locale::Po4a::Dia(3pm), Locale::Po4a::Docbook(3pm), Locale::Po4a::Guide(3pm),
	   Locale::Po4a::Halibut(3pm), Locale::Po4a::Ini(3pm), Locale::Po4a::KernelHelp(3pm),
	   Locale::Po4a::LaTeX(3pm), Locale::Po4a::Man(3pm), Locale::Po4a::Pod(3pm),
	   Locale::Po4a::Sgml(3pm), Locale::Po4a::TeX(3pm), Locale::Po4a::Texinfo(3pm),
	   Locale::Po4a::Text(3pm), Locale::Po4a::Wml(3pm).  Locale::Po4a::Xhtml(3pm),
	   Locale::Po4a::Xml(3pm), Locale::Po4a::Wml(3pm).

	Denis Barbier <barbier@linuxfr.org>
	Martin Quinson (mquinson#debian.org)

       Copyright 2002,2003,2004,2005 by SPI, inc.

       This program is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of
       GPL (see the COPYING file).

perl v5.16.3				    2014-06-10			 Locale::Po4a::Chooser(3)
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