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curl_easy_init(3)			  libcurl Manual			curl_easy_init(3)

       curl_easy_init - Start a libcurl easy session

       #include <curl/curl.h>

       CURL *curl_easy_init( );

       This  function  must be the first function to call, and it returns a CURL easy handle that
       you must use as input to other easy-functions. curl_easy_init initializes  curl	and  this
       call  MUST  have  a  corresponding call to curl_easy_cleanup(3) when the operation is com-

       If you did not already call curl_global_init(3), curl_easy_init(3) does it  automatically.
       This  may be lethal in multi-threaded cases, since curl_global_init(3) is not thread-safe,
       and it may result in resource problems because there is no corresponding cleanup.

       You  are  strongly  advised  to	not  allow   this   automatic	behaviour,   by   calling
       curl_global_init(3)  yourself properly.	See the description in libcurl(3) of global envi-
       ronment requirements for details of how to use this function.

       If this function returns NULL, something went wrong and you  cannot  use  the  other  curl

       curl_easy_cleanup(3), curl_global_init(3), curl_easy_reset(3)

libcurl 7.8.1				   4 March 2002 			curl_easy_init(3)
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