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CentOS 7.0 - man page for yum-utils (centos section 1)

yum-utils(1)															      yum-utils(1)

yum-utils - tools for manipulating repositories and extended package management
debuginfo-install - install debuginfo packages and their dependencies find-repos-of-install - report which repository the package was installed from needs-restarting - report process ids that started running before they or some component they use were updated package-cleanup - manage package cleanup, duplicates, orphaned packages and outstanding dependency problems repo-graph - outputs a full package dependency list in dot format repo-rss - generates an RSS feed from one or more repositories repoclosure - reads metadata of repositories, checks dependencies and displays list of unresolved dependencies repodiff - takes two or more repositories, returns a list of added, removed or changed packages repomanage - manages a directory of rpm packages, returns a list of newest or oldest packages in a directory repoquery - query yum repositories and get additional information on the them reposync - synchronize a remote yum repository to a local directory using yum to retrieve packages repotrack - track packages and its dependencies and downloads them show-changed-rco - list of changes to a package Requires, Conflicts and Obsoletes data from installed to a specified rpm file show-installed - gives a compact description of packages installed and makes use of comps groups in repositories verifytree - verify that a local yum repository is consistent yum-builddep - installs missing dependencies to build a specified package yum-complete-transaction - finds incomplete or aborted yum transactions and attempts to complete them yum-config-manager - toggle yum repositories, add new repositories and set main yum configuration options yum-debug-dump - creates gzipped file containing information for debugging problems yum-debug-restore - replays any transactions captured in gzipped file in yum shell yum-groups-manager - create and edit yum's group metadata yum-installed - print a compact package list making use of comps groups yumdb - query or alter the yum database yumdownloader - downloads packages from yum repositories including source RPMs
yum-utils is a collection of tools and programs for managing yum repositories, installing debug packages, source packages, extended infor- mation from repositories and administration.
See respective tools for additional help for commands without a manual page
debuginfo-install(1), package-cleanup(1), repodiff(1), repoquery(1), reposync(1), repo-rss(1), show-changed-rco(1), show-installed(1), yum- downloader(1), yum-builddep(1), yum-debug-dump(1), yum-groups-manager(1), yumdb(8), yum-complete-transaction(8)
Shawn Starr <> yum-utils August 2011 yum-utils(1)