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SDL_MouseMotionEvent(3) 		SDL API Reference		  SDL_MouseMotionEvent(3)

       SDL_MouseMotionEvent - Mouse motion event structure

       typedef struct{
	 Uint8 type;
	 Uint8 state;
	 Uint16 x, y;
	 Sint16 xrel, yrel;
       } SDL_MouseMotionEvent;

       type		   SDL_MOUSEMOTION

       state		   The current button state

       x, y		   The X/Y coordinates of the mouse

       xrel, yrel	   Relative motion in the X/Y direction

       SDL_MouseMotionEvent  is a member of the SDL_Event union and is used when an event of type
       SDL_MOUSEMOTION is reported.

       Simply put, a SDL_MOUSEMOTION type event occurs when a user moves  the  mouse  within  the
       application  window or when SDL_WarpMouse is called. Both the absolute (x and y) and rela-
       tive (xrel and yrel) coordinates  are  reported	along  with  the  current  button  states
       (state).  The button state can be interpreted using the SDL_BUTTON macro (see SDL_GetMous-

       If the cursor is hidden (SDL_ShowCursor(0))  and  the  input  is  grabbed  (SDL_WM_GrabIn-
       put(SDL_GRAB_ON)),  then  the  mouse will give relative motion events even when the cursor
       reaches the edge fo the	screen.  This  is  currently  only  implemented  on  Windows  and

       SDL_Event, SDL_MouseButtonEvent

SDL				      Tue 11 Sep 2001, 22:59		  SDL_MouseMotionEvent(3)
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