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TAP::Base(3)		       User Contributed Perl Documentation		     TAP::Base(3)

       TAP::Base - Base class that provides common functionality to TAP::Parser and TAP::Harness

       Version 3.28

	   package TAP::Whatever;

	   use TAP::Base;

	   use vars qw($VERSION @ISA);
	   @ISA = qw(TAP::Base);

	   # ... later ...

	   my $thing = TAP::Whatever->new();

	   $thing->callback( event => sub {
	       # do something interesting
	   } );

       "TAP::Base" provides callback management.

   Class Methods

       Install a callback for a named event.


       Return the current time using Time::HiRes if available.


       Return true if the time returned by get_time is high resolution (i.e. if Time::HiRes is

perl v5.16.3				    2013-05-02				     TAP::Base(3)
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