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CentOS 7.0 - man page for papi_disable_component_by_name (centos section 3)

PAPI_disable_component_by_name(3)				       PAPI					 PAPI_disable_component_by_name(3)

PAPI_disable_component_by_name - disables the named component
DetaileetvalcENOCMPn etvaloENOINIT does not exist unable to disable the component, the library has already been initialized aram component_name name of the component to disable. ar Example: int result; result = PAPI_disable_component_by_name("example"); if (result==PAPI_OK) printf("component //... PAPI_library_init(PAPI_VER_CURRENT); * PAPI_disable_component_by_name() allows the user to disable a component before PAPI_library_init() time. This is useful if the user knows they do not with to use events from that component and want to reduce the PAPI library overhead. PAPI_disable_component_by_name() must be called before PAPI_library_init(). See Also: PAPI_library_init PAPI_disable_component Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for PAPI from the source code. Version Tue Jun 17 2014 PAPI_disable_component_by_name(3)