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XmRepTypeGetRegistered(library call)			     XmRepTypeGetRegistered(library call)

       XmRepTypeGetRegistered  --  A  representation type manager function that returns a copy of
       the registration list

       #include <Xm/RepType.h>
       XmRepTypeList XmRepTypeGetRegistered(void)

       XmRepTypeGetRegistered retrieves information about all representation types that are  reg-
       istered	with the representation type manager. The registration list is an array of struc-
       tures, each of which contains information for a representation type entry. The end of  the
       registration list is marked with a representation type entry whose rep_type_name field has
       a NULL pointer. This routine allocates memory for the returned data. The application  must
       free this memory using XtFree.

       The representation type entry structure contains the following information:

       typedef struct
	       String  rep_type_name;
	       String  *value_names;
	       unsigned char   *values;
	       unsigned char   num_values;
	       Boolean reverse_installed;
	       XmRepTypeId     rep_type_id;
       } XmRepTypeEntryRec, *XmRepTypeList;

		 The name of the representation type

		 An array of representation type value names

       values	 An array of representation type numerical values

		 The number of values associated with the representation type

		 A flag that indicates whether or not the reverse converter is installed

		 The identification number of the representation type

       Returns a pointer to the registration list of representation types.

       XmRepTypeRegister(3) and XmRepTypeGetRecord(3).

							     XmRepTypeGetRegistered(library call)
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