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BAT(1)			    Network backup, recovery and verification			   BAT(1)

	bat - Bacula Administration Tool Console

       bat [options]

       This manual page documents briefly the bat command, the Qt4 version of the Bacula Adminis-
       tration Tool console.  This is a GUI full featured program similar the  bconsole  program,
       but it is graphical oriented and more features.

       bat [-s] [-c config_file] [-d debug_level] [-t]

       -c <config>
	      Specify configuration file.  Default is bat.conf.

       -d <nn>
	      Set debug level to nn.

       -s     No signals. Used in debugging only.

       -t     Test config mode: read configuration and exit.

       -?     Show version and usage of program.

       bacula-dir(8), bls(1), bextract(1).

       This manual page was written by Kern Sibbald.

Kern Sibbald				26 September 2009				   BAT(1)
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