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pgpring(1)				   User Manuals 			       pgpring(1)

       pgpring - Mutt key ring dumper

       pgpring [ -k keyring ] [ -2 | -5 ] [ -s ] [ -S ] [ -f ]

       pgpring	is  a  key  ring  dumper.  It extracts information from PGP's binary key ring and
       emits it in an (almost) readable output format understood by  mutt's  key  selection  rou-
       tines.  This output format mimics the one used by the GNU Privacy Guard (GPG).

       -k keyring
	      Dump the contents of the specified keyring.

       -2     Use the default keyring for PGP 2.x.

       -5     Use the default keyring for PGP 5.

       -s     Dump the secret keyring.

       -S     Dump signatures.

       -f     Dump fingerprints.

       Thomas Roessler <roessler@does-not-exist.org>

Unix					     May 2013				       pgpring(1)
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