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RRDFIRST(1)				     rrdtool				      RRDFIRST(1)

       rrdfirst - Return the date of the first data sample in an RRA within an RRD

       rrdtool first filename [--rraindex number]

       The first function returns the UNIX timestamp of the first data sample entered into the
       specified RRA of the RRD file.

	       The name of the RRD that contains the data.

       --rraindex number
	       The index number of the RRA that is to be examined. If not specified, the index
	       defaults to zero. RRA index numbers can be determined through rrdtool info.

       Burton Strauss <Burton@ntopSupport.com>

1.4.8					    2013-05-23				      RRDFIRST(1)
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