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XmTextPosition(library call)					     XmTextPosition(library call)

       XmTextPosition -- Data type for a character position within a text string

       #include <Xm/Xm.h>

       XmTextPosition  is  an  integer	data type that holds a character's position within a text
       string for Text and TextField.

       An XmTextPosition value conceptually points to the gap between two characters.  For  exam-
       ple,  consider a text string consisting of N characters.  A value of 0 refers to the posi-
       tion immediately prior to the first character.  A value of 1 refers  to	the  position  in
       between	the first and second characters.  A value of N refers to the position immediately
       following the last character. Therefore, the text string of N characters actually contains
       N + 1 positions.


								     XmTextPosition(library call)
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